Loved your product , I attended the IBS show in NYC over the weekend. Great results!

Katherine L, TX

I am a user of your product. I like it and believe in it so much, I’d like to become a distributor. Please contact me as soon as possible.


I was at the beauty show in Vegas and loved your product. I am an esthetician and would love to retail this…can I please have some info so I can immediately begin to offer your incredible product to my clients. -Colorado

Dawn Amrhein

I Absolutely Love It! I was considering plastic surgery, until I tried the Instantly Ageless product. I watched my wrinkles literally vanish from my eyes, around my mouth, and on my forehead! I have never used another product that has given me dramatic results like this. This is truly a breakthrough product every woman must try

Lisa K.

Immediately became a product I can`t do without. I have bags under my eyes and this product gets rid of them in about 3-4 minutes, after which I apply my makeup. Fantastic. I don`t look any younger, but I look less haggard. For me it`s confidence in a bottle. Tip: after use cover opening with a small wax plug, like a piece of wax earplug they sell at drug stores. This insures that the next time you use it there won`t be that little dried up plug you have to throw away. Saves $$!


I am an esthetician and make-up artist and have heard about and seen the amazing things your product can do. I think it’d be a big hit with my clients. In fact, I already have about 10 who would buy Instantly Ageless if I had it in stock! How do I go about ordering it? Thanks!

Jennifer McLeod

Your Product Is Amazing! “I was shocked when I realized how many wrinkles and lines I had begun to see in family pictures! My mother’s best friend – who always looks great, told me about Instantly Ageless. I tried it for myself and could not believe how big a difference it made for me. I love it!!

- Chaz V.

I’m an esthetician and am very interested in carrying this product in my studio. I was unable to get the the Chicago Beauty Show but was shown this product by a colleague. Please let me know what you need from me to retail this product. It’s AMAZING! The only product that got rid of my undereye bags

Jennie Van Gemert

We saw you at the hair and makeup show in Orlando and bought your product. It works fantastic and we are interested in selling your product in our salon and day spa.

Katie Risting with Beauty Care

What an awesome product! Although a bit skeptical at first I am now a believer. Within 1-2 minutes the results were dramatic. I have very defined wrinkles above both eyes and after the very 1st application of Instantly Ageless there was a 90% to 100% improvement. Also, my crows feet and fine lines under my eyes have completely disappeared. People are now telling me I look 10 years younger. WOW!!!!

- Gina

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